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ROCSS Programme 2018-2019

You are very welcome to attend as a guest if you are not a member yet. Why not come along to one of the talks and experience the excellent quality of speakers as well as the friendly atmosphere. Once you are ready joining in is very easy using the online form.

The Edinburgh meetings start at 7:30 pm however the doors are open to meet and socialise over a hot drink or a glass of wine from 6:45 pm.


14th February 2019
Symposium Hall, Hill Square, Edinburgh; doors open 6:45 talk starts 7:30

Philip Lamey - Oral Medicine Consultant at Edinburgh Dental Institute

"Let's talk TMD"

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are common and comprise a considerable proportion of the workload of Oral Medicine/ Facial Pain clinics. Numerous theories abound about the pathogenesis of this group of disorders.

This lecture aims to review the existing literature concerning these conditions particularly from an evidence base point of view. The lecture will attempt to justify our current preferred treatment regime and put into context the many treatments currently employed. Beginning with diagnostic criteria the lecture will explore treatment options currently employed worldwide. As there are practical issues concerning the provision of treatment of TMD in general practice this issue will also be addressed.      

GDC outcome C



14th March 2019
Symposium Hall, Hill Square, Edinburgh; doors open 6:45 talk starts 7:30

Basil Mizrahi - Specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics working at his Harley Street practice

"Temporary restorations – the key to success"

As we start moving from single tooth dentistry to more complex multiple tooth dentistry, the temporary restoration become an invaluable tool. Mastering temporary restorations and being able to produce stable temporaries that look good and fit well will allow you to take the time needed to improve the quality and predictability of your treatment and give you the confidence and ability to start treating more complex cases. This presentation will discuss techniques and materials to  improve the quality of your temporary restorations


  • Understand the benefits of good temporary restorations
  • Understand how to make good temporary restorations
  • Understand the pros and cons of different materials

Learning objectives

  • How to produce good looking and well fitting temporaries
  • How to get perfect margins and create healthy gingivae with your temporaries
  • What materials work best
  • Laboratory Provisionals - when and how to use them

GDC Outcome: C



We will commence again in October 2019